Thinking about buying a Home? How to Find the Right neighbourhood!

By: Natasha Pottinger

Thinking about buying a Home? How to Find the Right neighbourhood!

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Searching for the perfect home should start with searching for the perfect neighbourhood. This can be daunting as there are many variables to consider. As overwhelming as it may seem it is very important to love the neighbourhood as much as you love the property. I want to help you make this process easier by bringing to light what I have personally had to consider for all my home purchases.

You should start by creating a list of what is important to you and any other person that is living in the home. Rate the list of Neighbourhood must-haves in order of highest priority to least, as sometimes you won't find all of them in one neighbourhood.

What you should consider (you will most likely have a few of your own):


Parents or Guardians of children Specific Considerations:


 The best 2 ways to find out if any of these considerations may be a problem are to:

1. Make your way to the neighbourhood at different times of the day to see if you are okay with the noise level, street traffic, does it feel safe at night. You can also try to interact with any neighbours you see in passing to try and gage the street or neighbourhood. This seems invasive but is a small discomfort, at most, that can truly impact your purchase.

2. Search the neighbourhood statistics online, you can find out a lot about any neighbourhood on the web, use it. You can find out 90% of my list above on from languages spoken, to the average cost to live in the neighbourhood each neighbourhood profile is highly detailed.

If you pair visiting the neighbourhood(s) in question various times and research online with a clear list of what is important to in a neighbourhood your less likely to have any buyers remorse!