As a Real Estate Investors ourselves, we are happy to help clients looking to invest in real estate, whether for the first time or if you're looking to add to your existing portfolio. Investing in Real Estate is a great way to build passive income and generational wealth. Whether your looking to buy and hold or to buy and flip there is money to be made!

What we can assist you with as your Realtors:

We can help you identify which type of Real Estate investing is right for you and your lifestyle; a vacation rental property, Air Bnb ready property, Mixed-use retail / residential property, there are many ways to invest. Many Investors also find homes with a second suite or the potential to create one very appealing. This is mainly because they are collecting rent from two or more tenants.

We will help you in identifying areas that meet the essential requirements for your desired type of investing and properties within them! We advise about Important factors such as; population growth trends, economic activity, average family income, Renter profiles, current access to transportation and future developments plans. We also keep you informed on the local cities policies and restrictions against illegal, secondary units and find properties that have the potential to become second unit suites.

We do extensive pricing research to help you get the best deals.

Types of investment properties we work with:

Single Family; Condo's, Townhouses, Semi-Detached, Detached 
Legal Duplex 
Multiplex and Mixed Use Properties 
Student rentals 
Vacation Rentals

I look forward to helping you set up your future and your children's future!